Application Guide of Shock Sensor

- Application Example -

Threshold Control
Shock Sensor Application Threshold

Feed-Forward Control              
Shock Sensor Application Feed-Forward

 Wake Up of TPMS
Shock Sensor Application TPMS

Vibration Detection
Shock Sensor Application Vibration Detection

Video about Vibration detection by Shock Sensor.

Vivration detection by shock sensor
(for Rotor Blade)

This video shows the difference of vibration conditions from normal rotor blade and unbalanced rotor blade.
Murata shock sensor is able to monitor the different output signals from them.

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Vibration detection by shock sensor
(for Motor) Ver.2

This demonstration video shows vibration conditions when shock sensor is attached on bearing like motors.
Murata shock sensor is monitoring output signal of shock sensor and wave form after FFT analysis between normal bearing and abnormal bearing without grease.

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