SimSurfing (DL)

SubTitleIcon6 How to use SimSurfing
These data are for your information only. You are requested to approve our product specification or to transact the approval sheet for product specification, before ordering. When opening SimSurfing, 5 product groups appear on the screen. Click on the product group you are interested in.

How to use of more detailed usage is here.

Simsurfing opening viewSimsurfing opening view

MLCC view

MLCC view

SubTitleIcon6 Select part

  • Activate search function window
    Search function window can be turn on/off by changing [SearchFunction on/off] checkbox.
  • Search part name
    When part of part name is typed, there are matched part name list by prefix search in the pull-down list. When select one part name from pull-down list, it can be selected.
  • Change the order of list
    List order can be changed by clicking the right side of column title. If more than one column is set, former column has higher priority. In addition, clicking triangle mark, you can change ascending sort, descending sort.
  • Change order of column title
    Order of column title can be changed by dragging column title.
  • - View basic information of selected part
    Double clicking the part name, information window of clicked part will be opened. Clicking each button at upper side of tool, you can view electrical / thermal characteristics or download technical data. Clicking information window that is already opened, related part name is selected and you can view same information additionally clicking buttons at upper side.
  • Toggle on/off of tree view
    Part name list can be toggled to tree view (part series view) / normal view changing [Part series view] checkbox.

MLCC view
MLCC view

SubTitleIcon6 Search function
You can use the intuitive search function to select your ideal components or if you know the full part number, complete the Part Number Select box to find a datasheet or specification.
Search Function viewSearch Function viewSearch Function view

SubTitleIcon6 View part characteristics data
Clicking each button at <Graph output> area with selecting part, you can view electrical / thermal data of the selected part.

<Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors>
  • |Z|, R, X, θz, |Y|, G, B, θy, L, Q button
    View each frequency characteristics.
  • S11, S21, S12, S22 button
    View S-parameters, you can select smith chart view or normal view.
  • The each buttons display the following characteristic graph.
  • C-DCbias
    Capacitance-DC Bias Characteristics
  • C-Temp
    Capacitance-Tempeature Characteristics
  • Temp-rise
    Calorific property of capacitance
  • C-AC voltage
    Capacitance-AC Bias Characteristics
*The graph button becomes void when you select the undiversified items.

<Power Inductors / RF Inductors>
  • |Z|, R, X, θz, |Y|, G, B, θy, L, Q button
    View each frequency characteristics.
  • S11, S21, S12, S22 button
    View S-parameters, you can select smith chart view or normal view.
  • L-Current, L-Temp., Temp.rise, DCR-Temp., ACR-f button
    View following characteristics (Power Inductors only)
    • L-Current
      DC bias characteristics of inductance
      You can select temperature condition.
    • L-Temp.
      Temperature characteristics of inductance
      You can select bias current condition.
    • DCR-Temp.
      Temperature characteristics of DC resistance
    • ACR-f
      Frequency characteristics of ACR (R (f)+DC resistance)
View each characteristicsView each characteristics

- Option to graph plot function -
  • When [Display plural graphs] checkbox is turned on, similar plots will be plotted to same window. When this checkbox turned off, each plot will be plotted new independent window.
  • When [Delete Graph] is clicked with any remarks selected, selected plots will be deleted from the graph.
  • When [Out to CSV] is clicked with any remarks selected, plot data of selected parts will be downloaded.
  • Clicking [Open Setting] button, you can change scale setting or other setting of graph.
  • For |Z|, R, X, θz, |Y|, G, B, θy, L, Q, and S-parameters, you can change connection mode by changing [ Series / Shunt ] checkbox in the <Circuit> area.

SubTitleIcon6 Download technical data
Click each button in <Data download> area with a part selected to download technical data.
  • Data sheet
    You can download PDF data sheet for summary of specification.
  • Net list
    You can download SPICE net list.
  • S-parameter
    You can download S-parameter data in touchstone format.
  • Part number and data
    When you narrow a part numuber down and click [Save as CSV file] button, you can download the part number and the data.

SubTitleIcon6 Hardware Requirements
<Operating system>
Microsoft® Windows® 8
Microsoft® Windows® 7
Microsoft® Windows Vista® 

<Browser >
Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7.0+
Mozilla Firefox 3.6+
Adobe® Flash® Player10+ 

Processor: Intel® Pentium® II 450MHz, AMD Athlon 600MHz or faster processor (or equivalent)
Memory: 256MB+
hard-disk space: 20MB+
Resolution: 1024x768+

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SimSurfing (DL)