Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsMain applications and examples of use

Main applications

By adding the ECAS series to its line of multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) products, Murata has further broadened the range of options available to customers. As electronic devices gain ever-more-sophisticated functionality, stricter voltage control is needed for the power lines of the CPU, etc. Maintaining voltage line stability sometimes requires large capacitance. In the past we would have suggested using multiple MLCCs, but now in many cases we can propose combining ECAS series capacitors with MLCCs in order to reduce both the quantity and cost of components.

Figure 1. Simplified Circuit Diagram of Power Line for CPU or FPGA

The ECAS series delivers low ESR, low impedance, and stable capacitance, making it ideal for applications such as smoothing (eliminating ripple and high transient response) various types of power lines subject to large fluctuations in the current load.
Basically, ECAS series capacitors are almost always used in combination with MLCCs, and the ECAS series capacitors really show their value in applications involving suppression of voltage fluctuations (high-speed back-up). Polymer-type tantalum electrolytic capacitors and polymer-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors (can-type) are widely used to suppress voltage fluctuations, but ECAS series capacitors are even more ideally suited for such applications due to their low ESR and good balance between ESR and capacitance.

If you are designing the power line for a CPU, we recommend the ECAS series.

Main markets

The ECAS series capacitors are widely used in products such as consumer applications (notebook PCs, LCD televisions, game consoles, set-top boxes,etc.), Enterprise ones, Industrial ones and Network ones.

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Market Application Circuit Application
Consumer Internal connections
Notebook/Ultrabook Overall Power Management
  • Noise Suppression
  • Ripple Absorption
  • Decoupling
Power supply line around CPU,IC,etc Internal connections
Digital TV(LCD/OLE)
Set Top Box
Game Console
Enterprise Internal connections
Multi Function Printer
Enterprise Display(LCD)
Smart meter
POS/Handy terminal
Industrial Internal connections
Industrial PC
Network Internal connections
Base Station(wireless)

Figure 2. Main Markets of the ECAS Series

Comparison of Application Performance

1. Good ripple absorption performance

Comparing voltage smoothing performance at the switching power output side with other capacitor types.

  • *This data is reference data

Figure 3. Good ripple absorption performance (2V/330uF)

2. Good transient response performance

Comparing transient response characteristics during quick load change with other capacitors.

Figure 4. Good transient response performance (2V/330uF)