Variable CapacitorsVariable Capacitors

Variable capacitors have capacitance values that can be varied by applying voltage to their electrodes.

Variable Capacitors

Series Lineup

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Regarding Continuous and Polling

Continuous means that the specified voltage is continuously applied for Port1,2.

Polling means that the specified voltage is switched on and off and applied for port1,2.(on: 40msec, off: 360msec)

Selection guide

Please choose the suitable VAC for the required tuning range and step.

Max. tuning voltage: 3.0 V

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P/N Capacitance
Antenna Inductance
1μH 1.5μH 2μH
33 – 16.5
16.5 0.8MHz 1.2MHz
60 – 30
30 1.4MHz
90 – 45
45 2.1MHz
- -

Max. tuning voltage: 5.0 V

P/N Antenna
LXRW19V201-058 0.5μH 470 1.0MHz
1000 1.5MHz
2700 2.0MHz
1.0μH 220 0.9MHz
330 1.4MHz
470 1.9MHz
1.5μH 180 1.1MHz
220 1.4MHz

Package information

Package type: CSP

Size:0.6 × 0.6 mm(LXRW0Y series)

Package type: DFN (resin molded)

Size:1.3 × 0.9 mm(LXRW19V series)

Pin configuration

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