Timing Devices (MEMS Resonator / Crystal Unit / Ceramic Resonator / Oscillator)Ceramic Resonators for Electric Vehicle (EV/PHEV) Devices

What is currently happening in electric vehicle (EV/PHEV) development?

The "CASE" Technological Innovation

"CASE" is the keyword representing the latest trend in the automotive industry. It stands for the technology that is reshaping the automotive industry in a wave that is being called a "once-in-100-years automotive innovation." These four technological developments are proceeding in the automotive industry, and the market is expected to grow further in the future.

Additional functions due to electrification

With the spread of electric vehicles, demand has increased for vehicle-mounted battery management systems (BMS), on-board chargers (OBC), water pumps (WP), and DC-DC converters in the car.

Demand for timing device parts

Demand is increasing for timing device related components in EV/PHEV functions.

Why should you choose Murata's automotive ceramic resonators (CERALOCK)?

Murata's CERALOCK includes built-in load capacitors, which simplify the oscillation circuit design. The built-in load capacitors also assist in reducing PCB board space utilization by incorporating one component as opposed to three.
We have contributed to the safety and security of our customers for decades by meeting the highest reliability requirements for automotive devices.

Compact size and low profile, and reducing number of parts in your design

Designing without external capacitors reduces the board space used by approximately 48% (compared to the 3225 oscillator) allowing for more component implementation.

Contributing to higher reliability for vehicle-mounted devices

Supporting temperatures up to 150°C in compliance with AEC-Q200, CERALOCK has electrical characteristics compatible with CAN and other high-precision communication. Designed for high-temperature environments, it is suitable for use near the engine, battery, and similar locations.

Contributing to safety and reliability

Murata has a proven track record in the global market for automotive applications and has performed IC matching for more than 40,000 cases.

Download PDF for part numbers in the kit

You can download a PDF containing a list of the part numbers contained in the kit.

Recommended for

  • Developers who want to test multiple frequencies

  • Developers who are considering a simple design or Murata's CERALOCK for the first time

  • Developers who want to avoid multiple orders

Details of part numbers in package

Click the part number to view the detailed specifications, characteristics data, package information, and more.
You can request a free sample inventory check with our authorized distributors.

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Series Size Frequency Frequency deviation
(at 25℃)
Part number
CSTNR_G_C series 4.5 x 2.0 x 1.2 mm 4MHz ±0.07% CSTNR4M00GH5C000R0
CSTNE_G_C series 3.2 x 1.3 x 0.8 mm 8MHz ±0.07% CSTNE8M00GH5C000R0
10MHz ±0.07% CSTNE10M0GH5C000R0
12MHz ±0.07% CSTNE12M0GH5C000R0
CSTNE_V_C series 3.2 x 1.3 x 1.0 mm 16MHz ±0.07% CSTNE16M0VH3C000R0
20MHz ±0.07% CSTNE20M0VH3C000R0
24MHz ±0.07% CSTNE24M0VH3C000R0

* Please contact us for information about 150℃ compliant products.
CSTNR_G_Y Series (Part Number Example: CSTNR4M00GH5Y***R0)
CSTNE_G_Y Series (Part Number Example: CSTNE8M00GH5Y***R0)
CSTNE_V_Y Series (Part Number Example: CSTNE16M0VH3Y***R0)


Q, I want to know more about automotive ceramic resonators
Check the automotive ceramic resonators product page.

Q, I want to search for a timing device suitable for an IC
An IC-timing device search tool is available that provides the matching data for over 40,000 cases.

Q, A product that you tested using our sample kit does not operate properly
We will propose the optimal CERALOCK based on the IC matching service information.