Laminated Type Lithium Ion Secondary Batteries

Laminated type Lithium Ion Secondary Batteries has laminate film for packaging. These batteries are known for their excellent safety, thinner form factors, and size flexibility.

Laminated type

Laminate-type Lithium Ion Secondary Batteries

Laminate-type Lithium-ion Batteries

* Electrolytes are locked within the polymer and kept in a semisolid state

Achieve greater flexibility in battery size with laminate film external packaging

For metal can types, it is necessary to mold a casing for the external packaging. When the packaging is laminate, on the other hand, this step is unnecessary, thereby eliminating lead times resulting from the molding process or related adjustments.
The concept behind laminate packaging is to deliver the customer’s desired size as quickly as possible.

Thinner, exceptional safety batteries made possible by gel electrolytes

By eliminating the metal can package, restrictions related to battery thickness are also removed.
Moreover as gel electrolytes are resistant to swelling and make our batteries no leak, it is possible to keep exceptional safety and maximize the device’s internal battery space with the resulting thinner body and increases in capacity.

The Superior Quality of Gel Polymers

The Superior Quality of Gel Polymers

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