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Warning Regarding Lithium-ion Batteries

Recently, it has been confirmed that lithium-ion batteries manufactured and sold by Murata are being sold at some retailers and online shopping sites as individual batteries.(In some cases, they appear to be marketed specifically for use with "electronic cigarettes.")

Lithium-ion batteries have a high energy density and cannot be freely used in combination with various devices by general consumers as dry cell batteries can. Murata only sells lithium-ion batteries to corporate customers to be embedded and sold in end products (finished products) in a form which provides the appropriate safety measures (protection circuits, etc. to prevent overcurrents and overcharging) according to the usage environment.

Murata does not directly sell individual lithium-ion batteries to general consumers nor does it sell such products to retailers or online shopping sites which directly sell individual lithium-ion batteries to general consumers. The individual lithium-ion batteries sold through these retailers and online shopping sites are unauthorized products for sale which do not provide the appropriate safety measures according to the usage environment or proper quality control during the stages of distribution, and there is a possibility that such products may generate heat, ignite, and even explode and cause serious damage to property, physical injury, or fatal injury to customers. Murata bears no responsibility whatsoever for unauthorized lithium-ion battery products for sale which includes their performance or quality assurance.

Murata strongly urges customers to avoid purchasing and using unauthorized lithium-ion battery products for sale for the reasons described above.

In addition, Murata requests that customers refrain from disassembling and removing lithium-ion batteries equipped in end products (finished products) or combining individual lithium-ion batteries with electronic cigarettes and various other devices as doing so is extremely dangerous in either case.