CeramicCapacitorDK1 Series

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  • Complied with RoHS
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Safety Standard Certified Resin Molding SMD Type Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose

These IEC60384-14 X1/Y1 Class certified products can be used as Class Y or Class X capacitors for various switching power supplies.


1. IEC60384-14 certified product.

Please down load Safety Standard Certification (Type EA: X1/Y1) from here.

2. Can be used as a Class Y1 capacitor.

  • As a Y capacitor for Class 2 power supplies and as a capacitor for primary and secondary couplings,this capacitor contributes to the downsizing and lower profiles of power supply equipment. It can also be used as a Class X capacitor.
  • Guaranteed DC voltage rating of 1kV allows utilization in portions where DC voltage is applied.
  • The technology of disc ceramic capacitors has been applied to achieve a high withstand voltage performance that meets IEC60384-14 Y1 Class certification requirements in spite of its compactness and low profile.
  • The performance of the molded resin has been tuned,and the capacitor is designed so that it is joined to the substrate via metal terminals. As a result, high reliability such as high cooling/heating cycle-resistant performance is ensured.


Size(mm) 11.4x6.0mm
Rated Voltage 250Vac(r.m.s.) - 300Vac(r.m.s.)
Capacitance 10pF - 1500pF
Main applications X/Y capacitor for AC line filters of switching power supply and AC adaptors,and capacitor for primary-secondary coupling


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