Single-Layer Microchip Capacitors

Single Layer Microchip Capacitors
  1. Simple single-layer structure combined with fine-grained high-density ceramic, and pure gold electrode provides very reliable performance and excellent frequency characteristics.
  2. A wide selection of sizes from very miniature 0.25mm square is suited to high-density mounting.
  3. By utilizing gold electrodes, die bonding with AuSn and wire bonding with gold wire are possible.
  4. To improve handling of bonding, AuSn coating is available on one side or both sides.
  5. Custom specifications (dimensions, cap. values, etc.) are also available upon request.

Microwave integrated circuits, microwave devices, optical devices, optical transceivers, TOSA/ROSA modules, measuring equipment, etc.

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5C series

6U series

B5 series

F9 series

W1 series

BC series

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Single-Layer Microchip Capacitors

Single-Layer Microchip Capacitors/Thin Film Circuit Substrates (PDF: 0.7 MB)

  • CAT NO. c01e-4
  • UPDATE 6/28/2019
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