Microblower (Air Pump)Microblower MZB3005T06

The structure is designed to operate as an air pump by applying the ultrasonic vibrations of ceramic to the drive source. This achieves performance equal to that of the microblower MZB3004T04, in an even more compact and thinner device.

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Input voltage
Operating environment
temperature range [°C]
Drive resonance
frequency [kHz]
Flow rate @18Vdc
Static pressure @19.5Vdc
8~19.5*1 0~45 21.5~24.5 ≧155*2 ≧50*3

*1 Voltage to be applied to our drive circuit
The pump can be driven by a voltage of 18 Vdc or more, only in the case where the back pressure is +10 kPa.
If the back pressure is less than +10 kPa, and in addition the pump is driven by a voltage of 18 Vdc or more, there is a possibility of a breakdown occurring.

*2 Measurement conditions: Ambient temperature: 18 to 28°C, Atmospheric pressure: 950 to 1020 hPa

*3 The flow rate and the pressure characteristics change according to the temperature and pressure characteristics.
If the temperature of the metal surface of the pump exceeds 60°C, the flowrate and pressure characteristics will deteriorate significantly (use the pump under conditions such that the temperature of the metal surface of the pump is 60°C or less).
If the pump is driven for a very long period, it is conceivable that heat generation may cause the surface temperature to become 60°C or more, so be careful.


(1) A separate drive circuit is required.

Drive circuit samples for trials are available in limited quantities.
Please contact us for details. (The customer should prepare their own drive circuits for mass production.)

(2) Typical characteristics

Drive resonance frequency 23kHz
No-load flow rate 200ml/min(@18Vdc)
Static pressure 60kPa(@19.5Vdc)
Exhaust time*4 ≦10sec

*4 Time during which the pressure in the 100 cc tank connected to MZB3004T04 which is connected to the 100 cc tank falls from 260 mmHg to 15 mmHg

The characteristics change according to the input voltage.

(3) Appearance

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  Item Specification Condition
1 Outside dimension/tolerance 19±0.15mm except terminal
2 Thickness/tolerance 2.3±0.2mm  

(4) Air Flow through the blower

This device has a passive type valve function in addition to the pump function, and the discharge starts when drive is stopped during positive pressure. The air flow path differs during pressurization and discharge.


  • The microblower MZB3005T06 assumes connection to the customer’s equipment by means such as double-sided tape. However, note that Murata cannot accept any responsibility for connection related trouble. Please contact us for details.
  • A microblower is a device to suck / discharge air, and liquids cannot flushed directly. The body cannot be washed because it does not have a sealed structure, and has no waterproof function. Also, avoid using this product in environments with condensation.
  • Since the microblower sucks and discharges air, contaminants and dust in the air tend to accumulate inside the pump, and the contaminants and dust will influence the operation time. Use the microblower in a clean environment, or use a filter to remove at least submicron level of contaminants to prevent particles and dust from entering. (* The use of a filter does not guarantee suppression of the characteristics deterioration of the microblower.)
  • Particularly, the smoke from tobacco and mosquito-repellant incense, etc. have an influence on the life span of the product. Do not use the product in any smoky environment.
  • The microblower cannot be used for automobile applications (including accessories). Do not use this product for automobiles.
  • If the microblower is used for medical applications, murata requires a special contract to cover the use in the medical application to be agreed before start of mass production.Please contact us for details.
  • Do not handle the body (including the nozzle, wiring, etc.) with bare hands.
  • Do not bend the terminals.
  • The valve function may be lost due to foreign matter in the tank connected to the nozzle getting caught around the exhaust port while exhausting. Please use a tube and cuff connected to the nozzle which will not generate foreign matter or a filter (* Use of a filter does not guarantee suppression of the characteristics deterioration of the valve function).
  • This product can be used as a suction pump in exterior part etc. However, the suction characteristics are outside the scope of the warranty.