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Murata's RFID systems realize reliable communication ensuring easy installation.

Murata's RFID platform contributes to the realization of loT, through the provision of hardware, software, and communication interfaces.

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HF band RFID

Murata Icon X Flow of the installation of RFID systems

Murata has been engaged in the development of RFID tags from early on, and has acquired a record of achievements.  In addition, we possess know-how concerning the communication environment attendant to the installation of RFID (prevention of interference with the IC tag, and the selection of the Suitable hardware equipment), thus enabling us to coherently meet the needs of our customers by various means ranging from an analysis of their work and issues at the jobsite to the installation of an appropriate system.

Flow of the installation of RFID systems

  • Consultation:  We analysis the contents of the work presently carried out by the customer, and define the requirements while indicating the effectiveness  of the installation of RFID and also carrying out validations at the jobsite.
  • HW (hardware) selection: We propose the optimum IC tags and reader/writer modules for the customer’s jobsite environment, as well as other infrastructure facilities. Murata develops IC tags and reader/writer in-house, and can also customize them to match the requirements of the customer.
  • System design/development: Based on the HW selected in the aboe, we provide wide support from software development to systems construction utilizing internal software resources and ID Solutions.
  • System installation/support: We install RFID systems that match the jobsite environment of the customer, also carry out training, and also provide after support.

Intellectual property right

For example, the following patents have been granted in this technical field.

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