AMR Sensors (Magnetic Sensors)Selection Guide

AMR sensors by supported voltages and frequencies

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Operation examples and product groups

Operation image examples

  • Select the operation for the location where you want to use an AMR sensor from the "Operation image examples" below. The "Compatible product groups" on the right of the example image for this operation are AMR sensor candidates that can be used in the operation example.
  • For product groups A to C, see the table below.
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Open/close and position detection: Strength of magnetic force lines
(The direction of the magnet remains unchanged, and the distance between the magnet and AMR sensor changes.)
Operation image examples Compatible
product groups
To turn the screen on/off at notebook PC open/close operation
Distance between magnet and AMR sensor changes
To detect opening and closing of air valve that operates at high speed B
To detect whether the compartment door of a refrigerator is closed
Distance between magnet and AMR sensor changes
To detect the position of a slider that moves at high speed B
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Rotation detection: Direction of magnetic force lines
(The distance between the magnet and AMR sensor does not change, but the direction of the magnet changes.)
Operation image examples Movement of magnet Compatible
product groups
To find out whether a key position is open or closed
Direction of magnet changes
To detect whether the blades of a washing machine are turning at high speed B・C

Product groups

Select the AMR sensor candidate based on the supply voltage, current consumption, response frequency, and other parameters of the target group.

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AMR sensor
Supply voltage[v] Sensitivity[mT] Average
Output logic:
Min. Typ. Max. Hoff Hon
A Position
(Low current
MRMS501A-001 1.6 1.8 3.5 0.5 2.5 3 8
Negative logic
MRMS511X-001 0.8 2.0
MRMS201A-001 1.6 3.0 3.5 0.5 2.5 5
MRMS205A-001 3.0 5.0 5.5 8
B Position
MRMS541E 2.4 3.0 3.8 0.9 2.7 220 1,000
Positive logic
MRMS543E 1.6 1.8 3.6 0.5 3.1 40 500
Positive logic
MRSS29E 3.0 12.0 30.0 0.6 2.8 1,500
Positive logic
C Rotation detection MRSS29DR-001 3.5 12.0 30.0 36%*2 68%*2 1,000 -
  • *1:The characteristics are the values at a typical (Typ.) supply voltage (V) and at an air temperature of 25°C.
  • *2:The sensitivity standards for the MRSS29DR-001 for rotation detection applications are based on the duty cycle (ON:OFF), not the ON/OFF sensitivity.
    When the magnetic field above a certain level rotates 360° around the surface of the sensor, a stable duty cycle is obtained. However, if the magnetic force is weak or the center of rotation of the magnetic force does not match the sensor center (and in similar circumstances), the duty cycle may be unstable.

Product usage examples and usage locations

Product usage examples Usage locations
Notebook PCs Display opening/closing Slide switches, insertion of electronic pens
Smartphones Cover detection, 2-screen opening/closing
Digital video cameras Display opening/closing and reversal, slide switches
Digital cameras Display opening/closing, reversal, and 180° full opening, slide switches, strobe pop-ups
Door anti-theft devices Auto-lock motor stop position, window improper opening/closing, maintenance mode switching
Refrigerators Refrigerators opening/closing、Freezer drawer
Cylinder switches Piston end point detection
Dishwashers Waterwheel rotation detection, door opening/closing, water leak alarm
Microswitches and compact switches Locations with focus on waterproof structure, locations where sealing is difficult