PTC Thermistor micro heater FTP Series

PRG Series

PTC Thermistor microheater
FTP Series.
Application: Heating circuit for general, healthcare equipment
  Chip PTC Thermistor packed with in insulative package.
Safety!  Micro heater has Self temp. control.  
1pcs. Of Dry battery to drive this heater
Low consumption
   Application Note(866KB)

  • Dew condensation prevention for lenz or mirrror
  • Heater for Health care or beauty goods
  • Small heater circuit
・ Dimensions: 1608
・ Resistance(at 25degC):
   2.2, 3.3, 4.7, 18, 33, 47, 68Ω
・ Max. Voltage: 2.0~6.0V


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