Murata Icon X Current State of Compact Wearable Devices

As the Internet of Things (IoT), in which all sorts of products are connected to the internet, becomes more widespread the requirement for compact designs becomes increasingly prevalent.

This is especially true for small wearable and healthcare devices to be smaller and lighter to realize attractive designs and comfortable use for long periods of time.

Furthermore, such devices can utilize short-range wireless communication (Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee®, NFC, etc.) to enable an exchange of information between various devices or remote operation and controls of devices.

Murata MEMS resonators and crystal units are ideal for providing value in such applications.

Murata Icon X Requirements of compact wearable devices

As compact wearable devices attain more advanced functionality, the number of components they contain increases while at the same time they must be smaller, lighter, and able to operate for extended periods of time.

However, it is difficult to develp products which are more compact and lightweight while also achieving extended battery operation time.

Murata Icon X Solutions for compact wearable devices

Murata’s crystal units and MEMS resonators are the perfect solution to this problem.

Murata Icon X MEMS resonators and crystal units

MEMS resonators(IC manufacturer-certified)

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IC manufacturer IC part number Murata MEMS Resonators
Frequency Part number*1
STMicroelectronics STM32xx 32.768kHz WMRAG32K76CS1C00R0
(-30 to +85゚C)
(-40 to +85゚C)
(-40 to +105゚C)
(-40 to +125゚C)
U-blox ZOE-M8B WMRAG32K76CS2C00R0
(-40 to +85゚C)
(-40 to +105゚C)
ON Semicondoctor® RSL10 WMRAG32K76CS1C00R0
(-30 to +85゚C)
Cypress CYW20819 WMRAG32K76CS1C00R0
(-30 to +85゚C)

MHz-Crystal Units(Murata recommended part number)

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*2 Please check the actual circuit constants by IC matching service.

IC manufacturer IC part number Murata Crystal Units Reference circuit
constants *2
Frequency Part number*1
Nordic nRF51xxx 16MHz XRCGB16M000FXN16R0
nRF51xxx, nRF52xxx 32MHz XRCGB32M000F2P10R0

nRF53xxx 32MHz XRCGB32M000F2P2CR0
(-30 to +85゚C)
(-40 to +105゚C)


Dialog DA14682/3
32MHz XRCGB32M000F2P29R0

Texas Instruments CC13xx, CC26x0 24MHz XRCGB24M000FBP12R0

NXP (Quintic) QN9080 32MHz XRCGB32M000F2N13R0

Telink TLSR8262/6/7/9M
16MHz XRCGB16M000FXN20R0

TLSR8258 32MHz XRCGB24M000F1H23R0
(-40 to 85゚C)
(-40 to 110゚C)

Qualcomm QCC51xx, QCC31xx/32xx 32MHz XRCGB32M000F1H19R0 -
Airoha Technology AB1552 26MHz XRCGB26M000F1H2CR0 -
Bestechnic BES2300 26MHz XRCGB26M000F1H89R0

NXP PN54x, PN55x, CLRC663 27.12MHz XRCGB27M120F3M10R0

STMicroelectronics ST21NFCx 27.12MHz XRCGB27M120F3M10R0


CR95xx 27.12MHz XRCGB27M120F2P10R0

ST25R3911/12/13 27.12MHz XRCGB27M120F3M00R0


Qolvo GP502/565/712 32MHz XRCGB32M000FBH50R0


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