Timing Devices (MEMS Resonator / Crystal Unit / Ceramic Resonator)Crystal Units

Smart Meter Block Diagram

"Ceramic resonators" are used in the displays, ultrasonic flowmeter sensors, and microcomputers equipped in various smart meters (power, gas, heat, waterworks) while crystal units are used in the ICs for wired and wireless communication, and "piezoelectric sounders" are used for data reading check sound devices.

This section introduces "crystal units."

Smart Meter Requirements

What Murata Can Contribute to Smart Meters

Introduction to Crystal Units for Smart Meters

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Function IC manufacturer IC part number Part number
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Reference circuit constants*1
BLE Nordic Semiconductors nRF51xx XRCGB16M000FXN16R0 -
nRF51xxx, nRF52xxx XRCGB32M000F2P10R0
nRF5340 XRCGB32M000F1S2AR0 -
Dialog Semiconductors DA14682/3, DA1469x XRCGB32M000F2P29R0 Open the PDF
DA14531 XRCGB32M000F2P55R0 -
Texas Instruments CC13xx, CC26xx XRCGB24M000FBP12R0 Open the PDF
Telink TLSR8262 / 6 / 7 / 9, TLSR86xx XRCGB16M000FXN20R0 -
TLSR8366 XRCGB16M000FXN22R0 -
ZigBee® Silicon Laboratories EFR32xx XRCGB38M400F1S2AR0 -
NFC NXP Semiconductors CLRC663
PN54x, PN55x
XRCGB27M120F3M10R0 Open the PDF
STMicroelectronics ST21NFCA / B / C / D XRCGB27M120F3M10R0 -
CR95xx XRCGB27M120F2P10R0 Open the PDF

*1 Please check the actual circuit constants by IC matching service.

Product Details & Sample Application

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