MEMS Resonator

Ceramic Resonator

Size (LxWxT):0.9 x 0.6 x 0.3(in mm)

Murata’s MEMS resonators are piezoelectric elements that function as mechanical resonators to generate a constant frequency.

MEMS technology was used to realize the world’s smallest size resonator with very low ESR characteristics that is currently unachievable by quartz crystal resonators. Murata’s MEMS resonators achieves excellent frequency accuracy and stable temperature characteristics without the use of active elements to correct the initial frequency and frequency shift by temperature. This helps customers reduce both power consumption and mounting space.
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Suitable for a variety of applications such as miniature low-profile devices, industrial equipment, lighting, and incorporation into ICs.

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Part Number
Operating Temperature Range
Frequency Tolerance
Frequency Shift by Temperature
Load Capacitance*
Equivalent Series Resistance
WMRAG32K76CS1C00R0 -30 to +85゚C
-150 to
+10 ppm
WMRAG32K76CS2C00R0 -40 to +85゚C
-200 to
+10 ppm
WMRAG32K76CS3C00R0 -40 to +105゚C
WMRAG32K76CS4C00R0 -40 to +125゚C
-270 to
+10 ppm
When considering replacement from a crystal resonator, note that the load capacitance value differs for crystal resonators and MEMS resonators.

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Murata's world smallest MEMS resonator saves space and is able to withstand temperatures up to 125°C.

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  • High reliability under high temperatures
The device supports high reliability especially in high temperature conditions because it does NOT utilize organic adhesives inside of the package.
For this reason, this device can be used in applications where good high-temperature performance is required, such as in industrial equipment and lighting.

HAST*/PCT** Test Result
[Test condition]Temperature: 120℃, Humidity: 85%, Air pressure: 1.7atm

*High Accelerated Stress Test
**Pressure Cooker Test

  • Space saving
This product realizes an ultra-compact chip scale package (CSP) that incorporates the necessary load capacitance for the oscillation circuit. This enables a reduction in the total oscillation circuit space needed, which helps to reduce the final set size.

In addition, the open space can also be used to increase the battery size or add other functions.

Ceramic Resonator

  • Embedding supported  
The wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP) uses silicon materials that have high affinity when mounting with a semiconductor IC chip made of the same material. This enables embedding in the IC.
Transfer molding and wire bond mounting can also be supported. 

  • Low power consumption
The low ESR characteristics can be utilized to lower the IC gain.
This enables a reduction in the current consumption of the oscillation circuit and the power consumption of the overall set.

Ceramic Resonator
*Compared with our products

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MEMS Resonator

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