EMI Suppression Filters (EMC and Noise Suppression)Noise Suppression Product PLT10H (Common Mode Choke Coil)
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Recommended Cases

CASE1 Need to reduce the design workload?

CASE1 Need to reduce the design workload?

Troubleshoot these common problems

Even though I prepared for noise suppression, I was unable to meet noise regulations.

I don't have enough time to deal with noise suppression due to the short design time.

I have been trying to suppress noise with a capacitor; however, the noise suppression is satisfactory.

Murata's PLT10H reduces the design workload!


Three solutions!

  • Compared with a coil, since the PLT10H is capable of handling low frequency to high frequency common mode impedance, it is also effective at suppressing low-frequency noise.
  • This is a hybrid type that suppresses both common mode noise and the differential mode (normal mode noise).
  • Demonstrates excellent efficiency at noise suppression over a wide range by using it with a capacitor. Compared with using a capacitor and coil together, higher efficiency can be acquired with a reduction of the number of noise evaluations.*

*The impedance characteristics of a coil may deteriorate with a large current; therefore there are many cases where reevaluation is required because the rated impedance is not demonstrated. The PLT10H demonstrates the rated impedance even with a large current.

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