Extended Temperature -NEW!-

The Extended Temperature lithium coin batteries are designed mainly for automotive devices and outdoor IoT systems (including smart meters and FA control systems) and can also be used as an alternative smaller and thinner solution to conventional lithium cylindrical batteries.

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Series Lineup

Murata Icon X Series Lineup

  *Nominal capacity indicates duration until discharge voltage drops down to 2.0V when discharged at nominal discharge current at 23 deg. C.
  *Data is not guaranteed, and is provided for reference purposes only.
For special sizes or specifications not included in the above list, please consult a sales representative.

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Extended Temperature Lithium Coin Batteries for IoT Devices
Recommend for automotive & outdoor devices (Factory Automation, Keyless Entry/Smart Key, TPMS/Tire Pressure Monitoring System and Smart Meters). Leveraging muRata’s heat resistant battery engineering design and utilization technologies.

Murata Icon X Feature

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
    While the operating temperature range of the Standard is from -30 ºC to 70 ºC, the range of the Extended Temperature has been expanded from -40 ºC to 85 ºC. This type supports electronic components and IC of which operating temperature range is up to 85 ºC in many cases. Also, the excellent storage characteristics minimize the voltage drop compared with the Standard even when the Extended Temperature is stored for 100 days or more at 85 ºC.

  • Maximum capacity with coin lithium battery*1
    The largest capacity "CR3677X"*2 in the Extended Temperature has the largest capacity*1 among coin lithium batteries. This model has a nominal capacity higher than the CR123A battery and CR2 battery, and contributes to downsizing and slimming of electronic devices.

*1 Murata Research, September 28, 2018
*2 Shipment of mass-produced CR3677X is scheduled to start at the end of 2019