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3-axis Accelerometer with digital SPI interface
Industry proven technology with significantly improved performance
  • Size 7.6 x 8.6 x 3.3 mm3 (w x l x h)
  • 3-axis high performance accelerometer with ±1.5 to ±6g user selectable measurement range
  • Extensive self-diagnostics features
  • Ground breaking bias stability, low noise level and good vibration robustness
  • SPI digital interface
  • Unique mechanical over damping
  • −40°C…+125°C operating range
  • 3.0V…3.6V supply voltage with 1mA current consumption
  • Proven capacitive 3D-MEMS technology
  • Excellent bias stability, low noise level and linearity
  • Robust MEMS designs and high performance in harsh environment
  • Good performance under mechanical vibrations
  • Good mechanical shock endurance

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Series Lineup

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Part Number  Axis   Maximum Range  Amplitude Response  Offset Temp. Characteristic Operating Temperature  Output Type
SCA3300-D01   3  ±1.5g, ±3g, ±6g  10/70Hz  ±15mg  -40-125℃

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