CeramicCapacitorLLA Series

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8 Terminals Low ESL Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose

8-Terminal Type Low ESL Capacitor Ideal for Power Supply Decoupling of High-speed Operation IC


1. Ultra-low ESL

Since the equivalent series inductance (ESL) is very low with excellent high frequency characteristics due to the design structure, this capacitor is ideal for power supply decoupling of high-speed operation IC.

Ultra-low ESL

2. A maximum operating temperature up to 125 oC

This product is applicable to high temperatures (X7* characteristics); however, Murata also offers numerous thin type products, which are ideal as decoupling capacitors on IC package.


Size(mm) 1.6x0.8mm - 2.0x1.25mm
Rated Voltage 4Vdc
Capacitance 0.10μF - 4.7μF
Main applications Application processor/CPU/GPU


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