ESD Protection Devices (anti-static components)

An ESD protection device protects a circuit from an Electrostatic discharge (ESD), in order to prevent a malfunction or breakdown of an electronic device. Murata has an extensive lineup of ESD protection devices including specialized devices for high-speed communication, ultra-miniature devices, and integrated noise filters. These devices can also be used to replace varistors, zener diodes (TVS), and suppressors.

Product Lineup

What are ESD Protection Device ?

Functions required for ESD protection device

Not ESD issue
Insulated from GND with IC drive voltage.
ESD issue
Conducts with GND and releases high voltage to GND.

Breakdown voltage

Breakdown voltage means voltage at which 1mA current flow.

Unidirectional / Bidirectional TVS

current starts to flow the breakdown voltage on one side.
current starts to flow at the same voltage.

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