In-vehicle PoC inductors

By making use of suitable inductors from Murata’s extensive lineup, such as the LQW-F series developed for PoC applications such as ADAS camera interfaces, it is possible to create wide-band Bias-T circuits that employ fewer components.
The “Bias-T Inductor Selection tool” on the Murata website can help you select the best components for your Bias-T circuits.

Product Lineup

View Murata’s extensive lineup of inductors for in-vehicle PoC applications.

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Main image of Product Lineup LQW-F series LQW43F LQW32F LQW21F LQH series LQW5BPH LQW44PH LQW3NPH  LQM series LQM21 LQM18 LQW-C series BLM series

Bias-T circuit configuration example

Bias-T circuit separating signal line and power line
Bias-T circuit current value @ camera environment temperature Bias-T circuit inductor suggestions
Inductor 1 Inductor 2
300mA@115°C LQW21FT1R5M0H LQW32FT220M0H
500mA@105°C LQW21FT1R5M0H LQW43FT180M0H
800mA@105°C LQW21FTR82M0H LQW43FT180M0H

Example of characteristics of Bias-T circuit configuration combining LQW21FT1R5M0H and LQW32FT220M0H
(Result output by Bias-T Inductor Design support tool)

  • S21 (IL)
  • S11 (RL)
  • S21/S11

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