RF InductorIntroduction of simulation models

Performance of simulations in the RF circuit design stage helps to conserve design resources, avoid risk, and realize more precise designs.
Murata provides a RF inductor simulation model library that consists of highly precise simulation models that help achieve more precise designs.


S-parameters are parameters that express the characteristics of RF electronic circuits and components.
Among the S-parameters, return loss and input/output impedance can be calculated from the reflected wave (reflection coefficient), and parameters such as gain, loss, and phase can be calculated from the transmitted wave (transmission coefficient).

S-parameter model data can be loaded to analysis tools and simulators and used in simulations in combination with network analysis and digital signal processing. This enables objective analysis of RF circuits as well as evaluation of circuits and components in the pre-design stage.

SPICE models *Netlist format

These models can be used with SPICE-based simulators to perform various analyses in the pre-design stage, and with familiar analysis functions present in most simulator software, such as DC analysis, AC analysis, and transient analysis.

Keysight ADS library

The Murata Components Library for Keysight PathWave ADS is a data library that provides Murata product parameters exclusively to Keysight Technologies' PathWave Advanced Design System 2020 (ADS2020) and later versions.
ADS can be used to perform various simulations of RF circuits centering on the frequency domain.

3D CAE data for electromagnetic field analysis (for ANSYS® HFSS)

3D CAE data for electromagnetic field analysis is a data library for 3D electromagnetic field (EM) simulation software capable of electromagnetic field simulations and analyses.
This tool enables 3D simulations of RF inductors which can be used in the electromagnetic field analysis software HFSS of ANSYS Inc. This eliminates the need to enter the inductor component data when simulating electromagnetic interference between inductors and peripheral circuits, which helps to reduce the data entry time.
This tool supports ANSYS® HFSS R18 and later versions.
* Registration to the ANSYS 3D component library is required.

Modelithics models

Modelithics Inc. provides modeling for a number of Murata Manufacturing component.