SensorsIoT & Murata Sensors

Murata’s highly accurate, reliable and compact sensors feature low power consumption and are used to detect and acquire a variety of information concerning the conditions and environments of human, vehicles, machinery and facilities. Murata sensors help realize a safe, peaceful and comfortable society by achieving smart and cloud computing for various control and monitoring applications.

Machinery/equipment: FA, predictive maintenance, and remote monitoring

Predictive maintenance and structural health monitoring

By remotely monitoring the state of equipment and structures in real time using acceleration sensors, it is possible to identify and predict deterioration for predictive maintenance.
Doing so can help avoid the risk of sudden equipment outages due to unexpected problems or malfunctions, as well as streamline planned equipment maintenance and reduce the maintenance staff workload.

MEMS Accelerometers

For structural health monitoring
Detection of even slight inclination based on acceleration g

Machinery, device and motor control

Inertial force sensors such as acceleration sensors and tilt sensors can be used to remotely control equipment, motors, and other machinery, thereby streamlining maintenance management tasks.

MEMS Accelerometers

For angle measurement, tilt compensation, and inertial measurement units
High stability even in inhospitable environments

MEMS Inclinometers

For angle measurement, tilt compensation, and inertial measurement units
High stability even in inhospitable environments

Inertial force Sensor

Excellent stability even in harsh conditions for inertial measurement units, machinery control and induction

Human: For healthcare, nursing, and security

Monitoring (watching over) and acquisition of bio-information, etc.

Using devices with a thermistor (temperature sensor) or BCGMCU makes non-contact sensing of information such as a person's body temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, and bed status (in bed, not in bed, moving) possible. This information can then be monitored in real time to improve care quality and reduce workloads.

NTC Thermistor (Temperature)

For ambient temperature sensing
Enables highly sensitive and accurate temperature detection


This MCU is used for non-contact monitoring of a person in bed. Built-in ultra-sensitive acceleration sensor for BCG acquisition

Intruder detection and sensing human presence

Highly sensitive infrared sensors capable of detecting human movement can be used for various human-centered applications. These include security applications such as IoT smart home security IP cameras and alarm systems, and smart home applications such as automatic control of air conditioning and turning household appliances on and off.

Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor

For security equipment and lighting fixtures
Application of pyroelectric ceramic materials

Human-machine interfaces (HMI) connecting human and devices

AMR sensors (magnetic sensors) equipped with AMR elements, whose resistance value changes according to magnetic fields, can be used for non-contact sensing of magnetic field strength to detect the opening and closing of notebook computers, refrigerators, and doors, as well as gas water heater flow meter rotation.

Magnetic Switch (Open/Close)

Open/close operation and contactless position detection
H/L signal output according to magnetic field strength

Acquisition of environment-related information

Sensors can be used for a variety of applications in any domain or industry. Such uses include temperature sensors for detecting temperatures in everyday items, barometric sensors for detecting indoor navigation height and weather monitoring, CO2 sensors for agricultural greenhouses, plant factories, and building air conditioning ducts, and soil sensors for soil monitoring including soil temperature, volume water content, and electrical conductivity.

NTC Thermistor (Temperature)

For ambient temperature sensing
Enables highly sensitive and accurate temperature detection

Barometric Pressure Sensor

Can detect atmospheric pressure
Can be used for indoor navigation and weather monitoring

CO2 sensor

High-precision CO2 detection for agriculture, controlling building air conditioning, and measuring indoor environments.

Soil sensor

The sensor can be used for measuring electrical conductivity, water content, and temperature in soil condition monitoring.

Environment/vehicles: For safe, peaceful and comfortable lifestyles

Detection of vehicle movement, turning and stopping

Automobiles are equipped with various sensors that collect driving environment data such as GPS, cameras, and radar.
These sensors can also be used in vehicle applications that require a particularly high level of stability and precision, including electronic stability control (ESC), dynamic head light leveling, parking assistance, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

MEMS Accelerometer

For a variety of vehicle safe-driving functions
Highly accurate and stable

Inertial force Sensor

For inertial measurement units (IMU) and a variety of motion control
3-axis accelerator integrated type

Drip-proof Ultrasonic Sensors (For Automotive)

For parking assist systems
Drip-proof type with hermetically sealed structure